Mangostan and its health-supporting effects

Mangostan: 44 problems - 1 solution

The Mangostan is used since centuries in the whole world in the traditional medicine. Today we can use the results of thirty years of scientific laboratory studies and know that the Mangostan can unfold a positive effect in many areas.             

Common reasons for many different illnesses

It may seem strange, that one single natural food supplement has the potential to contribute to the fight or improvement of a big number of illnesses - until we recognise that a lot of illnesses have, actually, the same causes. During the last ten years it was proved with a growing number of illnesses that they originate from two main causes – damages from free radicals and chronic inflammations. 


Antioxidants: The answer to damages by free radicals

Free radicals are dangerous substances which we take up repeatedly with the food and which surround us constantly. Free radicals - also called oxidation means or oxidants - are able to damage and to destroy our organs, cells, even the DNA. These damages can be prevented only by the regular taking of a sufficient amount of effective antioxidants.

Extinguishing the fire: Chronic inflammations

Inflammations, in particular chronic inflammations, are the second common main reason for many illnesses. For example, at first free radicals damage with some forms of the dementia the brain cell (neurons), then, nevertheless, the body answers this with an inflammatory reaction which causes that many of the neighbouring neurons refuse the service. These two processes together are responsible for the majority of todays diseases that lead to debility and death.The ideal food supplement would have to have antioxidative as well as anti-inflammatory components. Here the Mangostan comes into play !


The Mangostan: More than only a fruit

Since hundreds of years the delightful fruit Mangostan is used as food and medicine in completely South-East Asia, India and on many Pacific islands by different cultures. During the past thirty years scientists have ascertained, why the Mangostan is so effective with the fight against illnesses and the regeneration of the health. The whole Mangostan (bowl and pulp) includes more than forty xanthones working about the absorption of nutrients.

Xanthone: Effective weapons in the fight against free radicals and inflammations

Xanthones are highly active antioxidants which own, moreover, effective inflammation-restraining qualities. It is quite evident,  why the Mangostan can influence so many diseases positively - she fights against them in the root! In addition still comes the advantage, that the Mangostan is considered as safe in contrast to anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical and contribute to the protection of the stomach and the whole gastrointestinal system. 


The Mangostan in the laboratory

In addition to their antioxidative and anti-inflammatory qualities, different xanthones of the Mangostan still own other health-supporting and illness-fighting qualities. In different laboratories in the whole world, they found out that xanthones own promising effects for the improvement of the health of the intestinal, the kidneys, skin and other body systems. 


Author: Robert C. Stone, D.O. acts as a doctor as well as in the research and in the trauma psychiatry and has published more than thirty scientific works and contributions to books.