What health and quality of life means for us!

The natural pharmacy: Health by nutrients from the kingdom of the plant world


The health concept: The nature offers food and medicine. 


Countless generations of primitive races all over the world use the phenomenal effect from natural drugs and medicament plants for the healthy nutrition and for the reconvalescense of diseases. International laboratories make this unique health knowledge of the primitive races as a high-quality food supplement available to us. From an ecologically intact and clean environment the most valuable vegetable substances are won carefully and improved to food supplements with extremely high nutrient and energy values.


Why a special food supplement is importantly for your health and quality of life:  


1. Food supplement creates an optimum supply of nutrients and energy

    supply in cell system. The cell system is organised perfectly and works

    very efficiently. It causes growth, protection and regeneration of the

    physical body.  


2. Nutrients serve the health and protect the person against huge health

    defects by pollutants and toxins.   


3. For many years one finds in food and in the drinking water varied ones    

    industrial chemicals and additives which are extremely toxic. This

    chemical substances lead to people varied illnesses and barrenness.


4. Highly toxic industrial chemicals do not belong in our food and in        

    drinking water. However, certain nutrients are in the position to detoxify the

    body from these chemicals, repair chemical-conditioned cell damages and

    to regenerate again the body in a natural manner.

 5. 80% of the today's civilisation diseases are a result of the deficiency care

     of body with suitable nutrients and the destroying effect from food poisons.



Why healthy food and high-quality nutrients are importantly for health and quality of life!

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