The company

The company Ralf Berges Consulting S.L. acts since 2000 as a business service provider and management consultant on Majorca and looks after enterpriser in the accountancy, tax consultation and in the Controlling. For ten years we intensively deal with own studies for the improvement of quality of life and health. On the basis of these results we have built up a portfolio of regional product and service novelties whose marketing and distribution strategies we develop and implement.                    


Health and quality of life 

In our view a human needs a healthy mind to realise his life as well as healthy food and clean drinking water to live reasonably. Therefore, we deal in our studies with three professional subjects:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

(1) Better health and quality of life with the help of

     "consciousness and energy"


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(2) High-quality nutrients for a better health care  


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(3)  A perfect drinking water solution with the help of

      high-capacity water filter systems                                            

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Commercial concept:

We have developed a health and problem solution concept built upon sustainability with which we can solve the varied problems for health, business, family and self-realization more efficiently. 


The health concept explains how cells, genes and consciousness influence in natural manner our health. It indicates to you how we can have specific influence on our health by nutrients and clean drinking water at the biological-cellular level and by methods of consciousness at the spiritual-mental level.


Physical health: Supply of nutrients and drinking water  


Nutrient supply: The offer of high-quality nutrient products consists in general of purely natural ingredients. A stable health is allowed by intelligent nutrient concentrates from scientific production which utilize high-quality nutrients from the nature. Made by scientists who dispose of the competence of the procedure technology. Three manufacturers from North America and South America offer an exclusive variety of food supplement, consisting of a broadly diversified spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and extracts of herbs. 80% of all today's diseases in our civilisation are the direct or indirect result of the lack care of our cell systems in adequate nutrients and the destroying effect from food poisons. Therefore, the optimum supply of nutrients of the cell system can cause an ideal health precaution and the recovery of illnesses. The medium for diseases is taken away and the health of the body can be regained in quite natural manner. We provide in reports and workshops the basis knowledge about the relation between health and the functionality of the cell system.


Drinking water supply: Pure drinking water is an irreplaceable raw material for us to the maintenance of the vital functions in the body. If we cover our water need of unfiltered water, the pollutants and poison materials gather in our body and can damage him considerably. If you drink sufficiently well filtered water it makes possible to eliminate poison materials and slags. Hence, a well-balanced water household is an important premise for the functioning of the whole human organism. To stay in perfect condition and permanently in health, we need pollutant-free and free of chlorine water with a high pH factor. With the help of pure and basic water we receive more energy and vitality.


Mental health: Application of methods of consciousness  


Methods of consciousness: Within a life time every person gains his personal experience with his specific outside world. Pleasant and disagreeable experiences store themselves in the consciousness and subconsciousness, and let arise positive and negative feeling patterns and patterns of thought. This conditioning by the outside world leads with the time to corresponding habits and settings which determine our behaviour patterns. We should analyse every day our own life-styles and exchange non-conducive qualities. A spiritual-mental cleaning enables you to neutralise useless and ineffective habit patterns.


Methoods of consciousness offer you new "tools" to recognise unfavorable developments in the life more early and to be prepared better for new challenges. By harmonisation and cleaning of the invisible fine-material energy body, called also aura, you escape step by step from undesirable, negative interferences in your life. They will hardly be able to avoid old difficulties, but you have the chance to work off the old problems, to dissolve them constructively and not to let arise it in the future anymore. They avoid that your life becomes a steady circulation of the up to now negatively experienced and the positive aspects of your life can assert themselves again. These originate well-being and internal harmony - the bases for spiritual and mental health.


The problem solution concept describes in our basic work "Universalik" structures and legitimacies which form the life of the human being in his environment. It explains how we manage our life with the help of „consciousness and energy“  more efficiently. The four cornerstones of every conduct of life are economic success, private harmony in partnership and family, the preservation of the health and the need for self-realisation. Get to know what implies a well-balanced and efficient conduct of life. 


Our subconsciousness has access to an invisible world from manifesting energy. With the help of methods of consciousness we have influence on our internal world of thoughts and feelings and can have energetically influence on everything in our external environment. We learn the deliberate contact with the consciousness strength to the manifestation of the external reality.     


We provide you with special theoretical knowledge of the energetic basic structures of a metaphysical world view and introduce to you a concept for a consciousness and behavioral training. Besides, we use a systematically processed and contemporary explanation and learning concept which delivers the necessary basis knowledge to you that you are able to apply it later in the practise. In our training and continuing education offer we provide the theory knowledge in reports, evening classes and seminars as well as the practical skills in courses to the method practise, in the coaching and in the use for the problem solution. 


Within the scope of a quantum-physical health analysis or company analysis and a personal consultation we define the need for action for your individual concerns.