The product assortment: Nutrient preparations - made from the kingdom of the plant world


Our suppliers guarantee that our well-chosen health products all own to the following qualities:


-100% of natural ingredients: a spectrum from vitamins, minerals, amino  

 acids, secondary plant materials, antioxidants and extracts of herbs

-no chemical additives

-no colorings

-no preservatives

-no sweeteners

-no taste amplifiers

-no negative side effects

1) International laboratories and their product concepts


Concept 1: Bio Planet GmbH 

- special product developments with 100% of pure natural materials from 

  South America (natural medicine)  

- holistic treatment of illnesses about the ideal supply of nutrients of the

  cell system

- very high nutrient and energy values by preservation of the natural and not

  denatured state of the substances

- German distribution enterprise with producer in Ecuador  


Concept 2: VEMMA Europe

- liquid cell food

- very successful american enterprise

- Fruit drink with natural remedy Mangosteen (Asia)

- Products VEMMA (breakfast) + VERVE (lifestyle drink)

- highest possible bioavailability

- Customers: Hotels, restaurants, bars, final consumers


Concept 3: IBF Dynergy Group   

- special product developments to the treatment of diseases in organs and

  body structure 

- Canadian enterprise with Spanish production facility

- products with 100% of natural substances

- product licensings within the EU

- product supply from Palma de Majorca and Germany


2) Product families of international laboratories

Product family: Bio Planet GmbH

Product family: Vemma Europe

Product family: IBF Dynergy

3) Laboratories and their product use


Bio Planet GmbH  


Holistic product development with the substances of highest quality from the natural medicine of the primitive people  


- Health precaution   

- Treatment of nutrition conditioned diseases   

- Alopecia


VEMMA Europe 


Vitamin and minerals drink with excellent qualities as a natural remedy  


- Healthy energy push for the increase of concentration

- Health cure         

      - for at home         

      - for the trip 

- Healthy sports drink


IBF Dynergy Group 


Nutrient preparations for specific diseases of organs


- Bones: Osteoporosis

- Sexual disfunction

- Hormonal balance of the woman

- Arteries (Cholesterol)

- Prostate gland

- Liver

- Heart

- Intestinal flora

- Kidney

- Lung

- Neutralization from acids