Nutrients: a quantum leap for your health and quality of life


Nutrition situation: During the last 50 years examinations at nutrients in our most important food plants show frightening and really alarming results which make clear, why our cells are very undersupplied. The values of the most vital substances as for example calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and a lot of other have decreased even about partial 75%. The milk, for example, disposes in many areas only of 15% of that what it still held ready 40 years ago for us. 


Many industrially made products do not have the amounts relevant for the nutrition and contents in nutrients. And thus millions of people live in ignorance of her deficiency care on the road to a sure loss of health, strength and well-being.


Cell system: The physical body of a person consists of a big community of 60 billion biological cells. This cell system is organised perfectly and works very efficiently. The impacts of the biochemical processes in the cells and genes are explicable and therefore forecastable. They run off automatically and serve the construction and the preservation of body or cell substance as well as the power production and with it of the maintenance of the bodily functions. Every nutrient is a biochemical stone, takes over certainly duties in the metabolism household  and contributes to the functioning of the whole body. By learning a well-balanced nutrition and the specific application of specific nutrients (e.g., vitamins, minerals, amino acids and extracts of herbs) every person can increase his well-being and his efficiency considerably.


Supply of nutrients: 80% of all today's diseases in our civilisation are the direct or indirect result of the deficiency care of our cell systems. High-quality food supplements help in problems which have been caused by the deficiency of a well-balanced nutrition. With the help of  a high-quality cell food our cell system is supplied very well again with all nutrients and energy values required in the metabolism household. With a normal nutrition, however, the cells are not supplied enough with the nutrients necessary for the cell function. In decades of scientific work one identified that the person needs daily about 60 cell stones which must exist in certain combination and complexity to reach biologically optimum growth. The kind of the nutrients and the form and quality, as we take them to ourselves, decide on our own sensitivities and our quality of life! Moreover, one has academically proved that they have a tremendously lasting influence on how our genes work! About the epigenome, genes are activated or deactivated by the availability or absence from micronutrients and have influence on how long we live. 


Stable health: To allow really health, today it requires of intelligent nutrient concentrates from the scientific production which uses high-quality nutrients from the nature. Made by scientists dispose of the competence of the procedure technology and know to produce a complicated, dependable remedy of natural cultivation.