How does our metabolism work?

Examples of nutrients in food


Nutrients = macronutrients and micronutrients 

Learn to understand the great importance of nutrients to the optimum self-regulation of your health. Consider the different nutrient components like stones in a modular system with which you can compensate your nutrient deficiency specifically and self-determined and repair your food-conditioned illnesses.


Biochemical metabolism

The metabolism shows the totality of all biochemical processes of vital importance in the body. Get to know which basic elements and nutrients are relevant for the biomass of the person and which duties they take over in the metabolism balance.


Functionality of the cell system

The cell system of the person is a hierarchically built up, extremely well organised system which from the principle allows the community of cells a very successful living together. Cell communities of humans and animals are able to survive since millions of years and to develop in a permanent evolution process. We can learn a lot from our cell system and begin to work together with it instead of damaging it consecutively.


Recommendable food

A list of health-supporting food can serve you as guidance with the next purchase at the grocer's.


Lecture/ Workshop health care

The concept of health care explains how we influence positively our cells, genes and consciousness by the specific taking of biological nutrients and improve in natural manner our health and quality of life. We provide in lectures and workshops the basic knowledge about the relation between health and the functionality of the cell system. A product consultation and food advices indicate to you which action alternatives according to food are available to you.


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