What are nutrition-conditioned diseases?


The human body consists of different body systems and their individual parts. By their closely teamwork they make the functions possible which determine our life. 


Body systems of human beings:

1) Brain: Cerebrum, cerebellum, neural network, hypothalamus   

2) Skeleton: Bones, joints, ligaments, cartilages

3) Musculature: Skeletal musculature, heart musculature, muscle fibers

4) Sense organs: Ears, eyes, nose, tongue, skin

5) Respiratory systems: Nose, larynx, windpipe, lung, pharynx, 

6) Heart circulation system: Heart, blood, arteries

7) Sexual organs: female and male genitals

8) Immune system: Defensive cells, antibodies, macrophages

9) Digestive system: Teeth, mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine, liver

10) Hormone system: Pituitary gland, hypothalamus, sign gland, Parathyroid, pancreas, adrenal gland, gender gland

11) Lymphatic system: Lymphatic vessels, tonsils, spleen, thymus gland  


80% of the today's health disturbances in these body systems are due to the deficit of the body with adecuate nutrients. Therefore, you should remember: "Healthy food is the best medicine."




The causes of food-conditioned illnesses lie in that injurious life-style of the western civilisation

The food industry frequently uses cheap chemicals instead of high-    

   quality natural raw materials to the achieve of high product margins.

   These highly toxic industrial chemicals do not belong in our food and in

   the drinking water. Chemicals cause deficiency symptoms and physical


• bad and not well-balanced food by hectic rush and stress in everyday life

• limited knowledge in food questions 

• up to now insufficient action alternatives to the food optimisation 


Regeneration of health by decontamination and rebuilding of the immune system 

Step 1: Seaweeds detoxify the body of all chemicals.

Step 2: Phytoactive plant materials and power proteins repair the chemical-conditioned cell damages

Step 3: Base-containing amino acids neutralise very efficiently your body and restore the acid and base balance in the body.

Step 4: Vitamins, minerals and amino acids serve as ideal building materials for the regeneration of a healthy body 


The ideal product solution: Alen, the powerful bio-cell food