A global market trend: The basic need of the human being for health and quality of life

The customer as a consumer: Health and quality of life are worthwhile aims nearly of all human beings. To realise this requires mostly some strains. Every human has his own ideas of a „healthy and worthwhile life“. With our offer of lasting health and problem solutions we provide to you a varied and demanding spectrum of information for the practical life help and for the health care. Our spectrum of health products allows effective improvements for nearly all forms of health problems.


The customer as an advisor: Help other humans to health and quality of life! Recommend our health products with a good conscience to friends, acquaintances and customers. You take no risks. All nutrient preparations have 100% of natural ingredients and are pure, healthy food supplements (no chemical substances like in the conventional medicine). In this Internet portal all important information are available and with pleasure we advise you or your client in other questions. You don't have to buy products for the resale: You have no sales risk, no warehousing and spare your liquidity. Besides, the payoff is uncomplicated. 


The order processing, distribution of goods, customer's settlement, handling of payments and gratifications is handled centrally by us about our system.   


Offer No. 1: Friendship advertisement with cash premiums (Join in activities) 


Surely you know friends, acquaintances and relatives in your surroundings which have problems with their health. Help humans to health and quality of life! The "natural farmacy" offers you innovative and natural health solutions for nearly all problems.

Example: Friendship advertising for the bio-cell food ALEN 

Other offers to friendship premiums on inquiry



17 a Join In-Activities 2012 - Cell food
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Offer No. 2: Enterprisers in the health sector recommend our products to their customers 


Use various customer advantages of our natural products for the health of your customers. Recommend us when our product solutions appear to you suitably for the health needs of your customers. We offer you a regular reimbursement for all product sales (quarterly or monthly invoicing).-reimbursement list on inquiry.


Offer No. 3: common events 


Our commercial concept offers enterpriser varied cooperation possibilities as an organizer when they would like to offer something special to their customers: 

- common information events

- presentation of product novelties

- innovative service offer: analysis, consultation and Coaching

- Experience worlds around health and cultural subjects 


Introduce to your clientele new information and offers with which they can further improve their health and quality of life. Develop new, lucrative customer groups which look for suggestions and efficient solutions to health care and for the improvement of their life situation. A cooperation can bring various advantages for all involved business partners.


Offer No. 4: Franchise agreement of cooperation


We offer to our business partners a franchise agreement of cooperation for the marketing of our business model "Health and Quality of life" in a regional market area. We, as a licenser, provide all necessary fundamentals to fulfill the areas of responsibility agreed by contract. We grant all necessary rights of use and carry out all relevant trainings to guarantee the common business success: 


- The licensee receives a simple commission, realisation and distribution

  licence for defined commercial contents or market regions

- as well as all necessary trainings to the product, service and continuing

  educational offer.


The licenser is responsible primarilly for the marketing and distribution strategy, so that the fundamentals can be applied in a common line by all licensees. The licensee pays as a compensation for the advance performance a unique royalty and a regular sales participation. 


- Modalities to the franchise agreement of cooperation on inquiry