Noxious substances for the body

Every day we take up about our food and about the drinking water the most different injurious substances in our cell system which affect our quality of life and health. Above all chemical substances cause biological decay and illness.  



1. Pollutants are materials or material mixtures in the environment which are injuriously for human beings or animals. 


- Alcohol

- Smoking

- Oxidants


2. Toxicants are materials which can cause a high damage to living beings when they enter the metabolism processes or touch or penetrate in the body (already in relatively low dose). They cause a stealthy poisoning, cancer and infertility. 


- Aspartam: Feces of the E-coli bacterium - in approx. 6000 foods   

- Synthetic fluorides: Rat poison - in more than 1000 foods, toothpaste

- Synthetic iodine: toxic halogen - e.g., in many bread products


3. Injurious food: Food from the industrial manufacturing which have show low nutritional values and energy values and have negative side effects for the cell system. 


- Fast Food

- Fatty dishes

- Sweet dishes


4. Food with low (acid) pH factor: e.g., meat, sugar, flour dishes, coffee, alcohol, nicotine, too much albumen, saturated fatty acids, milk products, sweets, cakes, many cheese kinds, lemonades, Coca Cola  


5. Lack of vitamins and mineral substances: Many conventional foods have a denatured state of the substances. The nutrient and energy values in healthy foods like fruit and vegetables have also sunk ordinarily strong by artificial cultivation procedures and chemical fertilisers.