30 most important food-conditioned illnesses and the adequate product solution:


01 Allergies: With hay fever and other allergies the immune system reacts immoderately intensely on an ordinarily harmless substance. The defensive system of the human ordinarily fights intruders like bacteria and viruses and thus protects the body. In this cases harmless substances of the immune system become classified as pathogenic germ and as a result provoke an allergic reaction. Strengthen your immune system in the intestinal area. C- Plus 


02 Eyes: Antioxidants play an important role with the removal from ocular illnesses and provide for an improved visual achievement. They help against glaucoma/ cataract, while they prevent the appearing crosslinks of proteins 

in the glaucoma. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate 


03 Arteries: Lower the blood lipids level in the arteries and bring your blood again to the flowing. Less Terol 


04 Intestine: A natural intestinal decontamination repairs all inflammatory intestinal diseases, gets going on the metabolism circulation and 

strengthens the immune system. C-Plus 


05 Dementia: Micronutrients brake dementia and Alzheimer. A mix of  B-vitamins, minerals and trace elements improve the brain functions and the mental efficiency. Scientist have found out, that by the taking of 18 important micronutrients the entry of the Alzheimer dementia can be delayed and the mental vitality is preserved. Alen/ Vemma Nutrient Concentrate


06 Diabetes: Mangostan is able to lower with diabetes II the blood glucose by rise of the insulin effectiveness. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate 


07 Brains: A drink for a healthy energy push which fills up the body fast and which increases concentration optimally. Verve Energy Drink 


08 Joints: In the joint heads is available a high portion of basic compounds, which are taken with acid load to the acid neutralisation. It results an emery-like mass, which with every movement damages the cartilage mass and causes movement pain. Bases and minerals let the joints work again without pain. Eveliza, Alen 


09 Sexual organs: (with the man) A natural herbal formula without    injurious side effects works positively on the blood circulation, length and the extent of the male sexual organ. It increases the male achievement potential. Vitup XL   

(with the woman) A powerful sexual stimulant, which stimulates the mind and the body, to raise the sexual inclination, feelings and the consciousness. Vitup 


10 Weight reductions: The body needs a substantial quantity in nutrients with big food-effective power. On account of that you can observe a real regaining of the natural nutrient processes in the body and organism and realise an effective weight reduction. Eveliza 


11 Gout: A gout is released by too much uric acid in the blood. It is caused by hyperacidity in the body. With big nutrient deficiency uric acid tends         to harden in small crystals. With the help of basic food supplement and nutrition as well as a weight reduction good success can be realized. (Kurt Tepperwein, "Fountain of youth of deacidification") Akti Lysin


12 Hair: The massage of phytoactive substances in the scalp has the effect, that destructive suet blockage bit by bit will be cleaned and thus the care of the hair roots again is possible. Ervamatin


13 Skin: Mangostan can be used against eczemas and other skin diseases. The active ingredients support wound healing and work against acne. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate 


14 Heart: Liquid co-enzyme Q10 improves the heart achievement, diminishes cardiac infarction risk, supplies the heart with more oxygen and strengthens the defensive achievement of the body. Vital Q10 Forte 


15 Hormone system: Hormones are biochemical messenger's materials, which are produced from specified cells and fulfill certain duties to organs. Natural estrogens bring the level of female sex hormones in gentle manner into a balance. Mensul Plus 


16 Immune systems: In the Mangostan-fruit are discovered more than 40 xanthones, which help us to fight the „free radicals“, that damage our immune system. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate 


17 Infections: Laboratory tests have proven that xanthones from the Mangostan are very efficiently against numerous infectious agents and its interrelated diseases, e.g.: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and fever. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate

18 Bones: The decomposition of mineral substances in the bones causes     osseous decrease. A good deacidification and remineralization allows the restoration of the microarquitecture of the osseous tissue and an increase of the osseous density. Ostobolan

19 Cancer diseases: Cancer icalled as an uncontrolled division of cells of a tissue. The cancer grows in the surrounding tissue and destroys it. Cancer is only able to spread out in an overacidified environment; in basic surroundings the cancer cannot survive. The acid-conditioned intestinal load accelerates the immune weakness and the cell decay. Solution: Supply your cell system with basic and regenerative nutrients, that the cancer has no more fertile soil - decontamination and reconstruction of the immune system. Eveliza 


20 Liver: Micronutrients clean and detoxify the liver, improve liver-cell regeneration, support the liver function and avoid the formation of toxins in the liver. Liver Plus


21 Lungs: Clean and detoxify your lung tissue with effective and very cleaning extracts of herbs, that your cell system can remove pollutants and your immune system is reactivated. L-Flush 


22 Stomach: Mangostan can reduce the production of gastric acid and stabilises the stomach mucous membrane. Mangostan is able to improve the healing from ulcers and prevents a damage of the stomach. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate  


23 Mouth: A hyperacidity of the body causes the growth of aphthae in the mouth, inflamed gums, an irritation of the tonsils and the pharynx mucous membrane. Often a bad breath is caused by chronic hyperacidity. A deacidification cure makes possible a balanced acid and basic level within the body. (Kurt Tepperwein, "Fountain of youth of deacidification") Akti Lysin 


24 Muscles: Give your body a treat with a flood of basic mineral substances and amino acids, that base depots in the body can be put on and sore muscles early are neutralised. Akti Lysin 


25 Nerves: Environmental poisons destroy the nervous system. The quality and quantity of available nutrients and the amount of antioxidative substances are decisive for a successful decontamination and a good functioning of the nervous system. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate 


26 Kidneys: Clean and maintain your kidneys with effective and regenerative herbs, that all waste materials, acids and toxic substances from the cell system efficiently can be removed. K Plus 


27 Prostate gland: Besides, extracts of herbs improve the uric flow, remove infections in the uric tract, treat nonbacterial inflammations and     support the complete uric tract. Ezee Flow  


28 Psyches: A stressful life often leads to internal restlessness, sleeplessness, fear, migraine, headaches, depression and mental dejection. The nature has an answer against stress. Use the proved advantages of natural, highly efficient and absolutely sure stabilizer - the natural alternative to antidepressants. Tress


29 Rheumatism: It is often caused by a high acid load of the body. It is particularly promoted by an excessive consumption of proteins which cannot be used in the body and the end product (acids) are neutralised and eliminated by the body. If the acids remain in the body, they are deposited in the tissue, so that every movement hurts. Base-containing food supplement produces relief. Akti Lysin  


30 Teeth: The teeth have minerals and bases depots. With a hyperacidity the body uses bases to balance it. If the base depots are not sufficient, it produces caries, gum bleeding and periodontosis. The taking of basic amino acids as well as calcium and phospate compensate the deficits again. Antioxidants strengthen the immune defence of the gums and work in the oral mucosa against penetrating bacteria and germs. Vemma Nutrient Concentrate