Calcium - Formation of bone and teeth, nerves, muscle function, ability in the coagulation - poppy, sesame, tofu, hard cheese, cut cheese, soft cheese, almonds, hazelnuts  


Phosphor - Bone, component of many enzymes, energy metabolisms of the cells, involves in the acid / basic balance - milk products, meat, fish, bread 


Magnesium - Component of bone and teeth, emission of hormones, muscles, nerves, connective tissue, blood coagulation - wholemeal products, mineral waters, fowl, pumpkin seed, chocolate, cashew nuts, potatoes, vegetables, oranges 


Potassium - Production of proteins and glycogen, regularisation of the membrane potential, emission of hormones - mushrooms, bananas, beans, chilies, cheese, spinach, potatoes 


Sulphur - restrains blood coagulation, component of the cartilage, also in skin and hair - contains in amino acids cysteine and methionon, in polipeptides, proteins, enzymes 


Sodium - Admission and transport of nutrients, regularisation of the water household, acid / base balance - food salt 


Fluorine (natural) - Stability of bone and teeth, caries protection, enzyme inhibition - marine fishes, shellfish

Advice: In contrast synthetic (chemical) fluorine is highly toxic! 

Iron - Supports oxygen transport in the blood and in muscles, compensation with menstrual blood of the women - legumes, green vegetables, broccoli, wholemeal products, meat 


Zinc - For conversion of vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids, for skin, nails, mucous membrane, pancreas - meat, fish, wholemeal products, nuts 


Copper - Formation of red blood cells, pigment formation, oxygen transport, immune defence, wound healing, nerve - liver, nuts, wholemeal products, legumes 


Selenium - Lowers as an antioxidant the cancer risk, inalienably as a power material (internal dynamism) - sea fish, meat, eggs, grain products 


Chrome - Activates enzymes and hormones like insulin, against diabetes at higher age, influencing cholesterol level - liver, yeast, wheat germs 


Iodine (natural) - Component of the thyroid gland hormones, metabolism regularisation, sexual reproduction - sea fish, shellfish, eatable algae,

Advice: In contrast synthetic (chemical) iodine is highly toxic! 


Cobalt - Component of many enzymes, improves the formation of red blood cells - nuts, cabbage, wholemeal grain, legumes, liver 


Manganese - Activation of enzymes and coenzymes, preservation of bones, teeth and connective tissue, liver activation - grain products, green vegetables, nuts 


Molybdenum - Decrease of the uric acid concentration, articular gout protection, activation of the immune system, prevention before allergies - grain, vegetables, innards 


Silicon - Firmness and elasticity of the tissues, skeleton, hair and nails growth, immune system, wound healing - algae 


Vanadium - Importantly with mineralisation of the bones, fat and glucose metabolism - legumes, nuts, seafood