Amino acids

Histidine - releases growth hormone (children and adults), against psychic stress, adjusts day rhythm - tuna, pork fillet, fillet of beef, chicken breast, soy beans, peanuts, lenses, salmon, wheat germs, cheese 


Cysteine - stabilisation of the cell wall, fat admission, elimination of dead cells, with lack: similar to allergization -salmon, shrimps, turkey's breast, chicken breast, soy beans, fillet of beef, cashew nuts, wheat germs, Swiss cheeses   


Arginine - normal growth of the children, with psycho-stress, lowers blood glucose, wound healing, liver regeneration - peanuts, wheat germs, soy beans, hazelnuts, shrimps, mutton, walnuts, oatmeal, egg 


Asparagine - transport of ammonia, for treatment of cancer, correct identification of the cells - seedling of legumes and asparagus 


Glutamine acid - activating impulse bearers in the nervous system, commemorative education - protein of the curd and the grain   


Lysine - fat metabolism, energy production in the energy centres of the cells, with lack: anaemia, decrease in weight - parmesan, tuna, shrimps, pork, fillet of beef, wheat germs, soy beans, lenses, chicken 


Valine - nervous function and muscle function, improves wound healing - cow's milk, wheat, bunches of grapes


Methionine - cope with environmental impacts, sleep, good mood, pain sensation, good movement control - fish (salmon, shrimps), meat, vegetables (broccoli, green peas, Brussels sprouts, spinach), egg, wholemeal bread, rice 


Isoleucine - starting of the birth (labour pains), milk production - Wheat germs, tuna, peanuts, salmon, beef, chickpeas, cottage cheese, unpolished rice


Leucine - stimulates mobilization of insulin (lowers blood glucose), improves wound healing - wheat germs, tuna, peanuts, salmon, chickpeas,beef, veal (fillet) 


Phenylalanine (Tyrosine) - Pigmentation of the skin, lack: apathy, depression, tiredness, degraded body temperature - soy, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wheat germs, milk products, meat, fish 


Tryptophane - treatment of sleeping disturbances, lack: weakness of the immune system, pains - milk, milk products, cheese, fowl, beef, eggs, peas, nuts, potatoes, cacao beans