Vital Q10 Forte - Nutrient concentrate

Vital Q10 activates the energy production in the mini-power stations of the body cells and provides for an optimum efficiency of all heart functions and organ functions.


Areas of application

1) Stroke: Results of a stroke can be reduced by the regular use

2) Cardiac infarction: Regeneration of the heart vessels after cardiac infarction

3) Cell energy: strengthens the heart and brain by more cell energy

4) Oxygen care: supplies the heart with more oxygen

5) Metabolism: stimulates the varied metabolism processes

6) Sign gland: improves the sign gland values

7) Vitality: raises the efficiency, energy and vitality

8) Immune system: improves the immune system and strengthens the

    defensive achievement of the body 

9) Decontamination: reduces the injurious influence of nicotine, 

    as well as alcohol and detoxifies chemical depositions

10) Anti-Aging: Construction means against signs of old age

11) Power ability: increases the sexual power of man and woman 

12) Gums: provides for healthy gums




1) Coenzym Q10: 60 mg - Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural composition, which is taken up partly about the food, but is also produced in the body itself. The body of young persons produces suficient Q10, but up to 35 years the production of Coenzym Q10 within the body decreases.

The body cells consist of mini-power stations, called mitochondria. It is the place, where the food is converted to the energy units ATP. The mitochondria need enough Q10 to produce ATP.
The body uses ATP to the construction and rebuilding of body cells and receives power. Without Q10 the energy production, vitality and efficiency
becomes restrictedly.
Scientists have found out, that as soon as the Q10 sinks about 25%, results like high blood pressure and heart attacks can appear. If the Q10 level sinks about more than 75 percent, we cannot survive any more.
Food + Q10 → mitochondria → ATP → rebuilding of body cells

2) Jelly royal: 200 mg - jelly royal is a natural food source with extensive amino acids, the vitamins A, C, D, E, Complex B, trace minerals as well as calcium, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and fatty acids of vital importance. Natural antioxidates also have a strong Anti Aging effect. 

3) Selenium: 0,066 mg, (trace element) selenium neutralises heavy metals, offers cell protection, strengthens the immune system (e.g., with rheumatism), is indispensable with heart illnesses as well as by heavy metal poisoning by mercury from amalgam lead seals. Selenium helps to adjust the function of the sign gland, selenium lack causes an illness of the heart muscle.

4) Zinc: 22 mg, is important for the prostate gland function and the growth of the reproductive organs. Zinc helps to prevent acne and adjusts the activity of the suet glands. It is required for the protein synthesis and the formation by collagen and promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wounds.

5) Vitamin E: 12 mg, vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant which stops the production of reactive oxygen species.

6) Betacarotin: 2 mg, Betacarotin is an antioxidant and becomes converted in the body to Vitamin A.


Recommended dose for adults: Take daily 1 bottle during or after the breakfast.

For sportsmen to increase the energy: Take daily 2 bottles; 1 bottle after the breakfast and 1 bottle in the afternoon.


Advise: Before use shake well, do not swallow immediately down - move it around first in the oral and pharynx area for 5 - 6 seconds (serves for the decontamination of the mucous membrane), then swallow down.