VERVE: A unique energy drink with the natural fruit remedy Mangosteen

24 cans each 245 ml
24 cans each 245 ml

Verve Energy Drink: healthy energy push - on requirement.  


For the office everyday life: A drink for a healthy energy push which fills up the body fast and which increases concentration optimally. 


Countless generations of islanders from the Asian-Caribbean region use the phenomenal effect of the fruit and remedy plant Mangosteen for their healthy food and as a natural remedy to the healing of all illnesses. Up to now, in the western world, however, the fruit is still widely unknown. 


Verve Energy Drink is quite a natural energy mixture with the natural fruit remedy Mangosteen. An especially developed and patented formula for a highest possible and extremely quick bioavailability of the nutrients in the human body provides for the fact that the power of concentration and the physical well-being are restored fast and optimally.

Product description:

- The tasty energy drink is an exotic fruit mixture from Mangosteen, kiwi,  

  strawberry, Guarana, green tea, aloe and high-quality mineral water.

- VERVE is the first healthy lifestyle drink with the patented formula for a

  highest possible bioavailability.

- Functional and more refreshing 245 ml energy drink, that delivers 80  

  milligrammes natural caffeine and mild, healthy energy. 


Varied advantages: 

- healthy, quickly active energy mixture with purely natural substances 

- quick regeneration of the concentration ability 

- complete care of the cell system with all important vitamins, minerals and    


- Xanthons neutralise the damage of free radicals in the body and stop    


- the natural remedy Mangosteen counteracts against numerous illnesses                 (List of 44 illnesses) 

- no chemical and synthetic ingredients 

- no colorings and preservatives 

- no artificial aromas and sweeteners


To the ingredients:

- Mangosteen as a fruit and natural remedy plant

- 65 essential trace minerals

- 12 antioxidative vitamins

- tasty, tropical fruity flavor