The all-purpose method: Pep your body up with neutralization


L--Lysin: Capsules for harmonization of the balance between acids and bases


With the help of a permanent intake of alkaline minerals and amino acids you increase the pH-value within the cell fluid and create with it a perfect nutrient medium against the growth of deseases and damaging deposits within the body.


L--Lysin: 60 capsules each 500 mg ess. L-Lysin. Lysin in its natural L-form is an essential, herbal amino acid with a high alkaline fraction. This amino acid serves for a fast energy production within the cells. 


Product effect: Akti-Lysin works against the hyperacidity in the body, absorbs acids and flushes them out, also adds bases and remineralizes the body.



Hyperacidity is the background of

nearly all diseases. Unnatural

alimentary customs have caused,

that the basic fraction in our body

always is too low. The body must

neutralize excessive acids with the

creation of basic compounds.


Recommendation of consumption for adults: 2 capsules 3 x daily 1/2 an hour befour the meals