Intestinal renovation: Mobilise your defensive cells in the immune system

C-Plus: Germs from yoghurt cultures to the removal of an injurious intestinal environment

300 grammes per tin
300 grammes per tin

Bacterial cultures coach the immune system and influence the food utilisation

Natural intestinal renovation with C-Plus:

- 4 probiotic cultures in a concentration of  24 milliard milk acid bacteria per day  serving. 


- With 1 g of germs 6 billion bacteria are

  supplied, so much like in 6 mugs                       of yoghurt.


 -With C-Plus originate better immune                 cells in the intestine and a

  strong defensive system. 


Consumption: 2-4 g daily with yoghurt, muesli or cold drink



E coli bacteria are a part of the intestinal flora.

A natural intestinal renovation repairs all inflammatory intestinal illnesses, gets run the metabolism circulation and strengthens the immune system.  


Illness of stomach and intestine


Gastrointestinal illnesses are inflammatory illnesses with very different activators: Infections (gastritis, diarrhea), injurious substances (alcohol, medicine) and disturbances of the immune system (intolerances).


Toxificated intestinal walls prevent a sufficient nutrient, vitamin and mineral care. Particularly the admission of iron, important for the blood formation as well as for the skin and hair pigmentation, occurs primarily across the intestine. The agressive fermentation acids in the small intestine destroy vital amino acids and enzymes. Without enzymes our cells cannot be renewed, nevertheless, and the metabolism derails.   


80% of the immune system are anchored in the intestine. With the normal food, the intestinal walls are exposed every day to high charges and a huge number of pollutants, so that the immune system is weakened.