Ervamatin is a natural hair-restorer with impressive results.

Reasons for hair loss

1. A strong predisposition to excessive sebum production in the dermal layers of the scalp.


2. Hair roots and underneath lying tissue with glued blockage neither are well supplied with blood nor are ventilated enough.


3. The hair roots are not supplied any more with the vital cell components which the growth of a healthy hair requires 


4. Hungry yeasts exterminate suet on the scalp and do other harm to the hair roots. 


Effectiveness of Ervamatin


The massage of the phyto-active materials of Ervamatin in the scalp has the effect,

- that the destructive suet blockage - also in deeper layers - are cleaned by

  suet and thus the care of the hair roots again can be reached,

- that the yeasts become eliminated, the devourer activity is stopped and that

  they cannot carry out any more destructions.


According to manufacturer's data they prevent excessive suet production in the hair roots, restore the follicles, provide for a level in the follicle which eliminates hair-destroying yeasts and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp: a nutrition of the hair roots. (Nutrition instead of chemicals)  


Impressive results of hair growth: To the big astonishment of the scientists these found out that even where baldness was the sad result of many years' destruction in the follicle, after the Ervamatin treatment there was again a recognizable strong hair grew. 


Ingredients: special natural substances from the Brazilian Amazon rain forests 


Use: twice a day a massage externally into the scalp