A new, excellent product generation: Powerful bio-cell food for all the family


Cell food „Alen“: The multifunctional basic food for a perfect health


Supply your metabolistic balance with a rich spectrum of top-quality minerals, vitamins and amino acids.


Product description:                                                                                        1.Alen consists of grains, vegetables and seaweed.

2.The nutritive substances are extracted out of an intact and                    

    nutrient-rich environment of the Andes and the Isles of Galapagos.

3.It offers exceptionally high nutritional and energy values.

4.A unique spectrum of nutritive substances consisting of

  20 minerals, 20 vitamins and 18 amino acids.

5.Alen has an ecologic seal with quality guaranty

  (german bio-certification).



Perfect health in all circumstances 


1 PregnancyMother and child need a secure supply of important cell components. In order that your baby can develop itself healthy and that you won´t debilitate after the child-birth and that you remain healthy while breast feeding.

2 Baby and infantBabies need highly complex molecules, that allow your cells to build  a healthy body. For an efficient immune system with billons of correct cell functions.

3 Schoolchildren: Every day our children need an adequate nutrition in order to build-up billons of cells. Alenhelps to improve the ability to learn and the capacity for remembering of your child and strenghten a lot the power of resistance against conventialdiseases.

4 Active sportsmenA high-quality powerfood for sportsmen to use during training and tournaments. It assures an optimal cell structure, improvement in performance and permanent availability of power and energy. Alen is used in professional sports.

5 Compensation of diet-related deficits: The modern human being often ingests only  2-15% of the daily consumption of high-quality, complex nutritive substances. These diet-related deficits cause cell damage, so do the absorption of environmental pollutant and chemical residues in drinking water and food.

6 Reduce weight: Many people react on their diet-related undersupply with permanent appetite and eat excessively. With the help of Alen and a good nutrition your body will be supplied permanently and gently with the required cell components. Hunger and weight will decrease without the destructive effects of wrong diets.  

7 Decontaminate: Minerals, extracted from algae, absorb heavy metals and are able to help to decontaminate the cells in a natural and gentle manner.

8 Neutralize: The balance between acids and bases within the body has an important influence on all life activities. Alen is alkaline and can neutralize your body efficiently.

9 Collagen supply: Beauty and youthfulness of tissue, skin and hairs come mainly from inside. Cellular tissue must repair and renew itself permanently. An optimal supply of the collagen tissue with nutritive substances can assure it effectively.

10 Anti AgingAccording to genetic conditioning we could become 120 years old and live in health. Alen supports you as conditioning powder against symptoms of old age. 


Powerful bio-cell food for all the family
Powerful bio-cell food for all the family


Method of production:

Innovative, patent-registered methods of production create Alen - a very efficient nutritive concentrate with up to now unknown, excellent nutritive qualities. They make possible the extraction of nutritive substances of purely ecologically 

cultivated plants. They are able to conserve their bio-activity and their energetic stability and ability in powder form.  


Basic knowledge: Alen - Cell food
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