For the well-being of the woman: Bring your hormone level again in the balance

Tin (60 capsules)
Tin (60 capsules)

Mensul Plus: Capsules to the harmonisation of the hormone balance of the woman  


The product: Mensul Plus shows a reliable source of softly active herbal phyto estrogens and is a natural alternative to chemical and half-chemical substances. The mild herbal estrogens show a similar structure, like those which are formed in a natural way in the body. Hence, they can take the role of natural estrogens within the body. However, synthetic estrogens are artificially made estrogens which the body does not form. They are used, e.g., in the anti-baby pills.    


100% of natural ingredients: Isoflavone, primrose, borage oil, field horsetail


Consumption recommendation: 1 capsule daily or the amount recommended by your doctor



Hormones are semiochemicals which are produced by specified cells and do certain duties in organs.
Hormones are semiochemicals which are produced by specified cells and do certain duties in organs.

Natural estrogens compensate the balance in female gender hormones in gentle manner. 


Estrogens are produced during the ripe phase in the follicles of the ovaries and during a pregnancy in the placenta  and in low measure in the underskin fatty tissue. Estrogens are those hormones which make the biggest contribution to the physical and psychic development and attitude to life of every woman. 


The natural estrogens of Mensul Plus

► bend forward breast cancer

► prevent heat ebullitions

► contain anti-wrinkle substance

► harmonise the monthly cycle

► provide for a typically female appearance

► form collagen

► are important for the pregnancy and for sex

► maintain the skin elasticity

► regulate the breast growth

► influence fat metabolism and skeleton 


Aplication with too low estrogen values

Women often have a too low estrogen value, if an unterfunction of the ovaries is given, a hormone change after the menopause takes place and a cortisone therapy or antibiotic treatment occurred.