Eveliza: a perfect nutrient concentrate to the arthrosis treatment

Basics of the arthrosis illness: The arthrosis is a chronic joint illness. A decreased level of mineral substances of the cartilages and bones always walks at the head of the degenerative changes. Above all in the joint heads exists a high portion of the alkaline compounds. In the case of hiperacidity they are taken to the acid neutralisation. By the alkaline withdrawal it comes to the thickening of the synovial fluid. Together with mature crystals arises an emery-like mass which damages the cartilage mass with every movement and causes movement pain.


Nevertheless, the body can produce new lubricant with the help of high-quality proteins in combination with calcium. Therefore, the minerals calcium, phosphor and magnesium are needed beside the deacidification. Furthermore it is important to take plenty of vitamin C and for the tissue formation the amino acid tryptophane. 


The solution: Supply your cell system with alkaline and regenerative nutrients to restore the lubricant in the joints and to cure arthrosis.  


The following nutrients of Eveliza help you in the rerecovery of arthrosis: 

- Alkaline-containing amino acids: Lysine (0.48 g / 100g), Arginine (0.62 g /    

  100g), Methionine (3.2 g / 100g), Tryptophane (0.15 g / 100g)

- Minerals: Calcium (489 mg / 100g), Phosphor (460 mg / 100g), Magnesium

  (215 mg / 100g), Potassium (1250 mg / 100g)  

- Vitamin C (0.50 mg / 100g), Vitamin E (3.10 mg / 100g) and more.