The ABC of acid-related diseases (according to Kurt Tepperwein)


1 Skin: The body tries with excessive acids, to eliminate the toxic and caustic substances over its external limit, the skin. When the body has not sufficient success, because we do not sweat enough, grow eczemas, pustules, lichen and acne. Also itching, blackhead and brown spots represent cries for help from the body. They can be improved efficiently, as soon as the body is neutralized.  

2 Teeth: With hyperacidity of the body the organism is forced to use the mineral deposits within the body, also the teeth, in order to neutralize the existing acids. As soon as the body is continouslyneutralized and the mineral deposits are replenished, not anymore   will appear caries, gum bleeding and periodontosis.

3 Body odor: When the body suffers hyperacidity, he eliminates acids and waste products together with the sweat, who cause a very unpleasant body odor. This is an explicit sign, that the kidneys are overburdened with the existing acids. Recomendation: basic dietary supplement and more drinking.

4 Nails: Hyperacidity causes fragile nails. They become softer, split, furrow or clod. It causes grooves and white spots. The restoration of the balance between acids and bases finds a remedy.


5 Eyes: All forms of sight disorders, e.g. eye cataract, eye itching, reddening of  conjunctiva or light sensitivity in most cases are the consequence of acid stress in the body. Acid makes the little eye muscles more inflexible and beclouds the lens. Because the exchange of aqueous fluid takes place slowly, an improvement needs a few months.

6 Piles: It indicates that the hyperacidity of the body just exceeds a critical dimension and a corrective is urgently necessary. Especially, if they are open and bleeding, it shows, that the body does not have another alternative than to create an entrance where one has not been before, in order to assure his survival.

7 RheumatismRheumatism can be caused by hyperacidity, especially by excessive consumption of proteins, that cannot be used by the body. If there are not sufficient bases available, the acids will be deposited into the tissue, and every movement aches. The pain will be remediated completely or reduced considerably by bases.

8 Debility: The sympathetic nervous system always is overexcited when the organism suffers hyperacidity. It causes a sensation of debility, listlessness and inefficiency. It affects the self-esteem and creates a permanent depressive prevailing mood. With the help of the basic dietary supplement, the good humor will return after a certain time, tension force and endurance such as a recreative sleep will appear again.