The cells are the stones of the life: Our body produces daily 300 millions new cells. „If we lack only one of these essential nutrients, we open to our cells the way up to 140 false formations - illnesses!“ 


Ranges of application:


1 Immune system: In the fruit Mangostan were discovered more than 40 Xanthons which help us to fight against the „free radicals“ which damage our immune system. Xanthons are natural, biologically active substances (plant phenols) whose enormously positive qualities were discovered, above all recently, by scientists.  


2 Hearts and blood vessels: Mangostan can promote the health of the blood vessels, while it reduces damages by free radicals and inflammatory processes. Moreover, Mangostan protects the heart muscle, lowers cholesterol and triglyzerid values and counteracts against the high blood pressure. 


3 Brains and nerves: VEMMA can protect neurons against damage and reduces inflammatory reactions to neuron damages. The substances help with nervous damages, while they reduce damages by free radicals which appear especially often with diabetes. 


4 Gastrointestinal system: Mangostan can improve the intestinal health and relieve diarrhea as well as chronic constipation. It can reduce the production of gastric acid and stabilises the stomach mucous membrane. Mangostan can improve the healing of ulcers and prevents a damage of the stomach. Besides, it can reduce the enteritis and normalises the intestinal function.


5 Muscles and skeleton: VEMMA can reduce arthritis-conditioned inflammations, pains and joint damages as well as relieves headaches and migraine headaches. Moreover, muscle pains, inflammations, depression and fear can be relieved. Within the scope of the sports health it can relieve pains and inflammations after sportive overstrain and smaller injuries. 


6 Skins and wound healing: Mangostan can be used locally against eczemas and other skin deseases. The active substances support with wound healing and work against acne. 


7 Infections: Laboratory tests have shown that Xanthons from the Mangostan are very effective against numerous infectious agents and ohter relating illnesses, e.g.: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and fevers. 


8 Lungs and respiratory tract: Mangostan helps against asthma and influenza. 


9 Diabetes: VEMMA can lower with diabetes II the blood glucose by rise of the insulin effectiveness. 


10 Kidneys and urinary ways: Mangostan can improve the nephritic function and reduce bladder infections. 


11 Eyes: Glaucoma/ cataract (can prevent the across interlinkings appearing with the glaucoma of proteins). 


12 Teeth: The healing of the gums can improve gums diseases (after illness and dental treatments)