VEMMA: Vitamin and minerals drink with the qualities of a natural remedy 

The unique fruit drink contains the natural remedy Mangosteen: The queen of the fruits! 


Mangosteen: Countless generations of islanders from the Asian-Caribbean region use the phenomenal effect of the fruit and remedical plant Mangosteen as a natural remedy for their health and longevity. Up to now in the western world, however, she is still widely unknown. The Mangosteen tree is humble and adapted to the tropical climate, it needs no special care. The tree carries fruits after ten years which can be harvested twice yearly. 


The drink: Vemma is a tasty energy drink full of power with numerous vitamins and minerals. The drink is a fruity essence with the unique taste of the contained fruit Mangosteen. The combination with the natural aromas, the kiwi and the strawberry round the fresh exotic taste wonderfully. Vemma has an exquisite taste, a spicy pepp with fruity aromas. 


Vitamins and minerals: Our organism needs for the optimum function daily 16 vita mines, 60 minerals, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. These are together 91 essential nutrients which our body must renew constantly. Our body cannot produce this itself, but he must take up them exclusively about the food. Because the food which grows on our grounds any more do not own the full nutritional value - partially only to 50% - food supplements at his place create an optimum care. Vemma offers you a complete care of your cell system with all required vitamins, organic minerals and antioxidants.


Xanthones: Since 2000 the mangosteen-juice is imported in the USA and marketed as a food supplement. Mangostan contains in a high level xanthones - these are natural, biologically active substances which show high effects in the fight against free radicals and inflammations. Xanthones neutralise the damage of free radicals in the body. In different laboratories in the whole world, they found out that xanthones own interesting effects for the improvement of the health of the intestine, the kidneys, skin and other body systems. In addition still there is the advantage that the Mangostan is considered as safe in contrast to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs and contribute to the protection of the stomach and the whole gastrointestinal system. 


ORAC values of Vemma 

The ORAC check (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity) is a test for the measurement of the whole antioxidative capacity of a substance or a food. It determines the ability of the neutralisation of free radicals in the human body. Free radicals are dangerous substances which we take up repeatedly with the food and which surround us constantly. Free radicals - also called oxidation means or oxidants - are able to damage and to destroy our organs, cells, even the DNA. The damages can be prevented only by the regular taking of a sufficient amount of effective antioxidants.


In studies it was proved that the people who took fruit and vegetables with high ORAC values to themselves could increase the antioxidative strength of their blood up to 25%. Because today, however, many times the content in micronutrients of fruit and vegetables is not equal to those more years ago. So it is recommend to take a rising dosage of antioxidants with an increasing age. 


Comparison of ORAC units per 100 g 


Vemma:      115.000 


Plums              5770               Gage    949              Brussels sprouts 980

Raisins             2830            Oranges 750                            Broccoli 890      

Blueberries      2400              Grapes 739                             Onions 450

Blackberries    2036             Cherries 670                                Com  400

Strawberries    1540          Borecole 1770    

Raspberries     1220            Spinach 1260 


Plums with 5770 ORAC units have the highest value in antioxidants of all the fruit kinds and vegetable kinds. Vemma owns a nearly 20-times higher ORAC value than plums. 


Important reasons for the regular taking of Mangosteen 


The vitamin and minerals drink Vemma with his excellent qualities as a natural remedy improves the health and counteracts against numerous illnesses. A small overview of the multifunctional positive effects from Mangosteen:


1.   Strengthens the immune system

2.   Fights against inflammations

3.   Improves the cell communication

4.   Helps to improve the lymphatic system to remove cell rubbish

5.   Helps to normalise the blood sugar level 

6.   Reduces the fat depots in different body regions

7.   Cures nervous damages

8.   Reduces haemorrhoids

9.   Improves the hormonal balance in the body   

10. Helps to heal injuries

11. Eases neurodermitis

12. Strengthens blood vessels

13. Helps ulcers to heal

14. Slows down the ageing process

15. Repairs the damage after the taking of analgesic means

16. Improves the mood and reduces depression

17. Facilitates stomach pain with bacterial infections

18. Works as a decongestant

19. Reduces the menstruale swell with women

20. Helps to relieve asthma