3 ALEN and his influence on health disorders 


ALEN is a remedy which combines all raw materials under highly assimilateable conditions in itself. It makes his contribution as an effective factor to the correction of deficiency manifestations, while it restores the metabolism stability. 


With an experiment group of 65,000 patients, who took ALEN, was observed an improvement of numerous disorders from which many of these people had suffered. 


It is to be pointed out importantly to the fact that ALEN is no medicinal substance which serves for the healing of one or other disease. This advice is of great importance, so that nobody succumbs to the mistake, it concerns, on this occasion, a universal remedy. 


ALEN can still improve the general physical state. If this may seem also paradoxical, the mechanism is based on the fact that many of our health disorders hang together with deficiency manifestations. This can correct ALEN, while it restores the homeostatic balance which are connected with the enzyme function (ALEN is enzyme food). It is important to emphasise that not with all, but only with some personal groups an improvement could be proved. In other cases again, patients showed a changed clinical picture which had improved itself and remained steady in this state. This permits the acceptance to us, that these patients had suffered from deficiency manifestations which led to the remaining loss of her health.


Nearly vverybody thinks that the absence of a good nutrition is to be found merely with poor nations or human beings. This is a big misbelief. People who live in the farthest civilised regions show the biggest deficit in nutrient materials. This seems paradoxical at first sight, however, hangs together with the bad production and utilisation of the food. 


Above all we find these manifestations where the high standard of living permits a strong consumption in carbohydrate-containing food. 


Consumptions like the smoking or alcohol drinking, the consumption of sugar and their derivatives lead to additional strains of our organism. With the food preparation one uses predominantly fats with saturated fatty acids. Often there are found in the food residues of plant protection agents, radioactive elements and also toxic substances which are added to the food for the purpose of the taste improvement. Above all, concerning the environmental impact, the regional origin of the food plays an important role. 


In our examinations arose a very different mosaic for the improvement states of the different patients, subjectively as well as objectively. These improvements cannot be marked in Cartesian curves as a diagramme with strictly scientific claim, unless, the examinations would be carried out with a very big number of persons. 


In the following we specify the different success which we could achieve with the application of ALEN.


We found out that the hair grew very fast, that hair shine and hair texture improved, that alopecia was interrupted and that the hair, and even grey hair, accepted again his natural colour. Moreover, there disappeared splitting and seborrhea. With prematurely bald-headed hair appeared again. The blond-hairy which had lost her natural colour of hair got blond hair again. 


Nails grew faster, they became harder and did not break any more. 


The elasticity of the skin was improved, skin swells receded, so that the formation of wrinkles decreased with untimely ageing process. The same was valid for colourlessness of the skin as well as for skin discolorations and skin blotches with old people in particular on the back of the hand. 


Scale lichen was cured with some people. 


After surgical or orthopaedic interventions the wounds healed faster and the healing time could be shortened around one third. 


A strong power of resistance could be observed against infectious diseases and with burns. 


Teeth were less susceptible against caries formation. With the examined children no caries was identified in the course of five treatment years, in addition, their teeth had become white. 


Arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthrosis improved concerning pains and rigidity; with some patients a definitive improvement took place, above all with those whose diet contained neither sugar nor any quickly absorbent carbohydrate. 


Suffer with peptic ulcers pointed noteworthy improvements, in some cases they could renounce drugs and were cured definitively. 


Success could be registered with unspecific colitis and other clinically insufficiently analyzed digestion discomforts; also with blockades. 


Certain kinds of genital impotence improved. With fertility and fecundity (two kinds of fertility) astonishing success could be achieved, this of course always only with anatomically normal sexual organs. 


With dermatitis noteworthy improvements were reached, in some cases it could be judged as definitive cured. 


Functional hyperinsulin disorders, in particular with children and juveniles, disappeared with renunciation of sugar and his derivatives. Fatigue, apathy and dynamic disorders, as they often are obervable in our time, disappeared and led to reinforced vitality and power of resistance against fatigue. 


With difficult and bitter characters, just as with some patients with light neurotic disorders, a change was registered to an improved state of mind, joy and cheerfulness. 


The people who suffered from insomnia attained back normal sleep with on an average five and more hours. 


Migraine-like headache were strongly improved. The patients had no more complaints, as long as they took ALEN.


Slender people increased in weight of their muscles. People with less than 10 % of obesities, which ate no sugar and showed no inverted hormone T3, lost weight. With patient of Parkinson an impressive improvement was identified, above all concerning the symptoms shake, rigidity and blockade. Many of these patients could resume their everyday employment. These last-named examinations were escorted by the neurologist Dr. Marcello Cruz. 


Noteworthy improvements appeared with diabetics, and here even with young patients. With them stabilised the glucokinasis, in many cases insulin and hypoglycinmiantine doses could be reduced.


An improvement of the visual sharpness also could be identified. 


The weight returned to normal and the general condition changed substantially.These results come from the group examined by the nutritionist Dr. Augusto Pazan Leon. 


Other statements to other test persons:


With school children the learning property and memory was improved. This proved a study which was carried out at school Pedro Fermin Cevallos in Ambato, Ecuador. Here a high opposition strength was to be noted against customary diseases, in particular against virus and bacterial illnesses and allergies, in particular with patients which took the advice of the holistic medicine. 


An impressive delay of the ageing process was registered, people with hypertension of the idiopathic type attained back normal blood pressure values, above all if they had lost weight. 


With patients with raised values in cholesterin, triglycerids, phospholipids and uric acid a normal level could be regained. In this group was necessary an absolute ban of sugar, derivatives and alcohol as well as the dose of L-Trijodthyronin.


With Hyperglobolie the reduction of haemoglobin and erythrocyte was proved. Iron deficiency-conditioned anaemias were cured completely. 


Edemas in the face and in the bones, in particular with hypothrepsy, improved, daily varying differences in weight returned to normal. 


Patients with chronically sublime stress showed a radical change in the direction of a better metabolism balance with additional holistically medical consultation. 


Basically ALEN realises three duties: It raises the organic power of resistance, delays the ageing process and permits food savings. 


5. ALEN and diabetes 


We have given ALEN to a bigger group of diabetes sick people. These patients, also of younger age, needed less insulin after some time and we identified a higher stability of the blood glucose values. 


ALEN delivers the totality of all essential material to complementary terms. Besides, it modifies the chaotic state described before. The enzymes begin to reach a stability balance, as a result all metabolic proceses improve and the digestion processes become more efficient. Consequently only a small quantity in insulin is required. 


6. ALEN and arthritis 


The collagen of the connective tissue is with nearly 30% of all proteins in our body the most important substance in our organism. It is found in the whole organism and is a component of sinews, cords, cartilage, sclera, bones; its major task consists in holding or in connecting tissue and organs. 


The collagen forms sinews and cords, it forms the tissue network of bones and teeth. In cartilages and joint skin it serves in connection with the proteoglykanes as a lubricant and exists also in the vertebras and intervertebral discs. In addition, it has a function in the heart valves, in the cornea and in the vitreous of the eye. Its molecular integrity is an essential condition for the preservation of resistibility and the life span of our organs. 


For the mentioned reasons arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis and all degenerative processes of the collagen have to be considered as a deficiency illness. The preparation ALEN, a nutrient supplement of high assimilation ability, is effective with the arthritic patient, while it compensates his nutrient deficit in all missing essential materials and substitutes, besides, the complementary ability of the same. Accompanying it allows an improved repair and reconstruction of the destroyed collagen molecules which regain their original structure. If this is reached, the antibodies will lose their influence and do not attack the new collagen any more, because their molecular structures are correct now and normal. For this reason the cytokinines can discover nothing abnormal more and will finish, therefore, their destructive activity. An improved symptomatology is proved with the patient.