2 The holistic elementary concept to the food supplement 


Premises with normal nutrition: Who wanted to receive an optimum nutrition with enough complex nutrients, but without specific food supplement daily, would have to 


a) consume constantly very big food amounts because of defects in his food, besides strictly

b) eat very often,

c) consume very different and d) well-balanced and

e) consume big plant amounts that are purely bioecologically cultivated.


In addition some pounds of meat, milk and eggs (vegetarians still needed large amounts to vegetarian protein supplier). Calculations show that this would be even more than our digestion could really perform. 


Food supplement ALEN: With ALEN a biologically pure microfood was created. A concentrate with the high-quality substances which fulfils the following conditions:


1. The exclusive use of the ecologically pure and ecological-produced vegetable products which dispose, besides, of an extremely high micronutrient density,

2. cultivated on mineralogically highly supplied grounds to guarantee that enough vital trace elements are integrated in the organic material of the plant and are available to protect an optimum assimilation.

3. The micronutrients are taken gradually and carefully from these plants with the help of competent methods of production that they receive, besides, her energetic organisation and deliver complex molecules.

4.They may not degenerate, i.e. they should keep their abilities and qualities still in powder form.

5. These materials must deliver a certain relation (the complementary level) which causes that by the combination of the ingredients their effects multiplicate mutually and increase. It originates the state of the synergism.

6. There originate levo rotary, left rotary molecules.

7. There originate very high molecule concentrations.

8.  And at the end this precious cargo must be absolutely protected against the aggressive passages in the digestion process (gastric barrier) in such a way that they are not destroyed, but what can happen with other not protected products. Only so they can reach in the upper small intestine and are assimilated. (Gastric juice resistance)


Thus originated the purely ecologically produced SuperFood ALEN, a new holistic bio-cell food.


According to our genetic conditioning we would have to become about 120 years old. We do not occupy ourself so much how old we will become, but HOW we are when we will be older ,in which condition we are, how healthy our life can run - and that it is not shortened needlessly. For these reasons ALEN was developed. 


From our examinations arises that our nutrition lacks definite essential materials. To be able to dispose of such essential materials in usable amounts, we would have to consume enormous amounts of food which cannot be processed by our digestive system. The relation between the combustion capacity of our organism and the abundance of the mineral raw materials within these foods show a balance variation which cannot be influenced by our natural digestion. 


Another essential point exists in the vital need to consider such a called complementary level after which about fifty essential materials are available in our food offer. These must be supplied to our body daily. If the totality of this complementary level is disturbed, our system and our health will take damage, our cell level changes with lasting effect negatively and with it also the power of resistance of the cells. Then this causes a decrease of defences, to an untimely ageing process and within a period to death, which is shorter than the genetically „preprogrammed lifetime period“.


To escape it, our efforts must consist with priority in supporting our nutrition with concentrated basic nutrients, otherwise the degeneration of the species of the human being would be unstoppable and sealed with it an early end. 


From this knowledge arose consistently the need to create a concentrated nutrient which fulfils the requirements of our everyday nutrition without disturbing the eating plaeasure. 


Our knowledge motivated us to create a nutrient combination which combines all basic factors in itself, but contains very few carbohydrates and fats, because these are already to be found in the normal foods which we take daily to ourselves in high portions. 


Amino acids: To receive amino acids, we took the proteins which are found in the cereal plants like wheat, barley, rice, soy, quinoa etc. Amino acids were isolated from their seeds by fermentation and acid hydrolysis. They reach during the digestion in the upper part of the small intestine without destroying effect of hydrochloric acid and pepsin. There they are assimilated and used. In this context it is to be considered that the amount of the amino acids which we consume with the everyday food is regrettably too low. 


Vitamins: Vitamins are other essential components of our nutrition. As basic catalysts they are of immense significance for the metabolism. In the product ALEN are found fourteen vitamins in the form of provitamins, in the highest-quality and adequate form for an optimum assimilation and above all for the avoidance of accumulation effects, which would prevent the formation of the vitamins A and D. Beside the amino acids also the vitamins are protected in ALEN by the cellulose.


Mineral elements and trace elements: The trace elements or oligoelements are won from seaweeds. Besides, we use Durvillea Padina Bory (phaeophyta par there = brown seaweeds) and Geldium Sclerophyllum (red rhodophyta = red seaweeds). These are subjected to several concentration processes, with the purpose to assign the oligoelements to groups which are preserved then in complex molecules as chelates. From 1 tonne of algae are won thus 10 kg of new, highest-quality, usable material. 


We found out that higher developed creatures (mammals and human beings) cannot assimilate this or only insufficiently if they are given as simple compounds as for example phosphate, sulphate or oxide. In this form metals have a very restricted assimilation space, and are partly toxic. Only if they are offered in the form of complex molecules or as chelates, our body can use them.


Regarding these considerations ALEN contains oligometals in the form of complex molecules, because only in this way the organism can use these basic factors, and only in this way those amounts and portions can reach the blood circulation about the digestion which the body needs. Because the intestine eliminates all excesses easily, an overdosage is not damaging. You find in ALEN all basic elements, called amino acids, vitamins as well as oligoelements in of course natural form and not substances won on a chemical way.


ALEN is an easily manageable and stable preparation which must be protected merely against excessive heat and humidity. Hence, it should be drunk immediately after the preparation with water. 


Before the packaging the preparation is subjected to two sterilisation processes: U.H.T. and ultraviolet rays. (This is harmless heating and ultraviolet radiation which deal nothing with a radioactive radiation). 


One of the most important knowledge of the biochemistry consists in the fact that all biochemical phenomena are results of physical and chemical reactions, and that biological manifestations are not any more than the product of biochemical reactions which take place in the cell. 


The biochemical interrelations and complex signs of life of creatures, in particular from human beings, can be assigned to three categories. 


The first one is based on the state of substances which are taken. This is a food with which a dynamic activity of biochemical energy transformation is guaranteed, just as compounds which are needed to reconstruct the protein structures which the cell loses in their natural function. These substances vary qualitatively and quantitatively, depending on around which genus it concerns. 


We assume that one human being needs about 40 - 50 basic components of vital importance which the organism cannot synthesise, which should be taken up, hence, in addition with our nutrition. With these basic components the organism produces his own proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and biocatalysts like enzymes, hormones, etc. 


The second condition which we have to fulfil to the preservation of our life processes is ascribed to the production by chemical compounds or radicals which should form the basis for a neoplasm of cells and tissues. These must show a structure which is predetermined unambiguously in millions of years in the evolution inherited genetic code. A genetic damage, and if he is still so low, would damage the quality and quantity of the protein and enzyme chains, while he prevents certain biochemical reactions and would cause an incorrect functioning of the biological disk drive.


The third category is an interference of the right organic functions, caused by supply or formation of toxic substances. Tobacco, alcohol, sugar, an excess in saturated fatty acids, salts, plant protection agents, preservatives as well as actinic radiation belong to the group of such substances, which can disturb the metabolism of the enzymes and proteins with overdose and block besides key reactions of our metabolism. These could lead to dysfunctions of the single organs and systems and cause diseases or disorders like obesity, hypertension, heart problems and degenerative diseases or prove a lighter susceptibility with viruses and bacteria. 


For all these reasons it is of vital importance to create a nutrient preparation which combines all basic components in itself. ALEN realises this claim, and the advantages already turn out after a short time. 


ALEN is a remedy which combines all raw materials under highly assimilateable conditions in itself. It makes his contribution as an effective factor to the correction of deficiency manifestations, while it restores the metabolism stability.