“We could become healthy and vital for more than hundred years, if we properly eat really healthy food“  


1 Alen and Eveliza - the extraordinary superpowder used as a food supplement.


The food supplements ALEN and EVELIZA are a holistic microfood with exceptionally excellent nutrient qualities. The holistic medicine deals with the person as a functional whole and her interest concerning the health is directed with priority on a preventive medicine. Only the holistic medicine will give us in future the strength to preserve the organism healthy in the highest measures, with the view of an extended life. 80% of all today's diseases in our civilisation are the direct or indirect result of the deficiency care of our cell systems. The products ALEN and EVELIZA help in problems which have been caused by the deficiency of a well-balanced nutrition. This is reached by the energetic regeneration of the construction materials required by the organ cells. With a normal nutrition the cells are not supplied enough with the necessary nutrients for the cell function. The nutrients contained in the food are not always usable because her components are on a molecular degree which cannot be recognised by the enyzmes, or because her atomic structure shows an inexpedient stereochemical structure. 


ALEN and EVELIZA offer for the first time a complicated enzyme food of left rotary molecules with a so special molecular weight that it permits to our cells to absorb immediately the nutrients and directly to make use of it. The molecules are offered very concentrated , i.e. with a comparatively very small quantity of powder we receive gigantic amounts of complex high-level molecules. 


In 25 years of scientific work one identified that the person needs daily about 60 cell stones which must exist in certain combination and complexity to reach biologically optimum growth. Our conventional food does not show, unfortunately, this complexity. ALEN and EVELIZA fulfil this specifications in an ideal manner and are won with the help of a method of the dissociation of essential substances (vitamins, amino acids and minerals) from grains and seaweeds. Besides, the preservation of the natural and not denaturated state of the substances is guaranteed at the same time.


ALEN serves the optimised nutrition for an organism, itself located under normal or stable conditions. EVELIZA should be taken if the organism shows signs of decay.


These superpowders show to the user with 2 tablespoons on the day a holistic food which causes great things within the body. The substrate owns complicated abilities which are obviously essential to supply our cells radically. From 18 different biologically grown varieties of grain, from vegetables and from red and brown seaweeds, living cell stones are extracted which are brought in a special molecule weight and are well interweaved with each other. In order to protect the cultivated, very brief materials against the aggressive gastric acid, which also destroys a lot what is actually essential, the precious cargo is covered in dehydrogenated cellulose and provides in such a way for the fact that the powder reaches regardlessly of in the upper small intestine. Then from there the precious components are spent in a very complicated manner in the cells.


In the production the scientists use ancient races of genetically high valued, rare plants like sweet grass, ancient kinds that grow today only in the Andes on mineralogically best provided volcanic grounds. Only these plants offer so high methionine and cysteine concentrations, the highest-quality amino acids, from which our body can build up then as high-quality proteins. Only from these both materials we need daily 900 mg. It appears, unfortunately, over and over again that we are supplied about our food with only about 200 mg of these vital materials. This really means everyday undercare! 


With an everyday ration ALEN, however, we dispose immediately of approx. 1000 mg of these vital components. In addition, ALEN delivers a huge number of other micronutrients plus 20 minerals and trace elements, 20 vitamins in the form of provitamins and 18 amino acids compactly in one single product! Everything, besides, in a specific and particularly adequate relation to each other, so that the nutrients increase themselves mutually in her effect. This leads to synergetic effects, i.e. we reach a stronger, increased care effect of our cells which can build from it a strong and comparatively juvenile body. A holistic food whose intake makes it very easy to us to equalise our dangerous nutrition-conditioned deficits.


We can use minerals, for example, only if they are bound in organic molecules, like in plants. For the production of ALEN and EVELIZA we use the big "natural chemist's shop", the kingdom of the variety of plants. The manufacturer wins carefully the most valuable substances from ecologically clean, unspoilt and life donating nature, concentrates this in large quantities and gives them a protective coat which preserves her power. 


The kind of nutrients and the form and quality, as we take them to ourselves, decide on something not less than our own sensitivities and our life quality! For example, whether, when and in which diseases we will suffer! It is academically proved that they have a tremendously lasting effect on how our genes work! About the Epigenom genes become put on and down by the availability or absence from micronutrients and have influence on it, how long we live. 


To make health really possible, it requires of intelligent nutrient concentrates from the scientific production which uses high-quality nutrients from the nature. Made by scientists who dispose of the competence of the production technology and who know how to produce a complicated, dependable medicine of ecological cultivation. 


A food supplement of this complexity has mighty influence on our health. Doctors have used EVELIZA to treat successfully diseases like arthrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, dermatological problems like psoriasis and neurodermatitis, and are used in the cancer prophylaxis, for anti-aging, diabetes and even with depressions. Also absolutely healthy people should use ALEN to the everyday food supplement to prevent all nutrition-conditioned diseases which have to treat doctors every day. We become stronger with it and less susceptible against colds and flu. We improve the function of the immune system. We can even discover, that our natural killer cells - the protective police of our immune system, which we need in the body urgently -increase under ALEN significantly. ALEN is important in the prophylaxis against cancer and other severe illnesses. Many arthrosis patients had really no more pains after regular ALEN cures. If they left out ALEN, these came again.